What is Adroit International?

A community that provide services in trading, training, training & education in capital market.

Does Adroit run an ivestment programme?

Adorit is a family community programme and only provide service of trading consultation with our expertise & knowledge to our private communitites.

Does Adroit have any trading capital market license?

In Malaysia only Banks and Financial institutions granted with license. Adroit runs community portfolios, collaboration with regulated international trading platforms.

What type of trading market does Adroit involved?

Capital Market mainly in global currency exchange.

How does Adroit manage community trading portfolios?

Trading portfolios are managed by using pool trading accounts with proper money mangement to minimize risk by our own tailormade intelligence algorithm trading system.

Does Adroit apply refund policies?

Yes, family memebers have cooling off period of 72 hours. In addition if family members decided to withdraw within 3months, 10% admin fees will be imposed.

How to differentiate Adroit with other similar programme?

1. We are a Award Winning Traders with proven trading record.
2. We can be found from professional independent entities. (www.myfxbook.com & search GR8 Adroit)/(www.copypip.com, we are listed as one of the Top 10 world traders)

Does Adroit follow islamic compliance?

Yes, Adroit only use ECN Islamic trading account with swab free, on the spot basis with technical & fundamental knowledge Liaise with Syariah Compliance trading platforms.