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Adroit International

Adroit International was established as a result of efforts to enhance the ideas of the Adroit Group Founders towards a more efficient business, particularly able to benefit the people around the world.

Adroit prioritizes business development and human capital with cycle of support by inspiring and helping everyone toward a better life and personal enrichment .

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Adroit Technology

We combine the experience and maturity of organisation with innovation from across the world to be a dynamic force in the market. We redefine boundaries in a global borderless world.

We change the way people interact and companies operates. We disrupt markets with creative energy. A market analysis studies the attractiveness and the dynamics of economic environment within a capital market industry.

Through all of these analyses, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company can be identified and be evaluated to establish the decision of tactical and strategy.

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Adroit R&D

With our vast experience and knowledge garnered by our team of professionals over the years, Enum is able to provide a wide range of digital services such as Research & Development.

Unique and Powerful Tools for AI-Bot capital market, Virtual Meetings and develop proprietary digital solutions in key sectors including Interactive Brokers and Malaysia Government agencies. Our expert team of Developers and Programmers, SEO Experts, Web developer and Designer provide top-quality of services.

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Adroit Education & Training

Embark your journey towards excellence, and empower your future. Unleash your potential with training and certification with GREAT Team. Your future lies beneath in what you create today. AISB Top Management Team are members of the GREAT Team.

We have conducted more than 100 sessions of GREAT Super Course (GSC), in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Port Dickson, Genting Highlands, Jakarta, Surabaya, Brunei & Singapore. This program has been critically noted in producing many outstanding individuals who are successful in their respective fields, be it as professionals or business.

AISB also conduct course where it reveals one of the secrets in money-making. AISB educates the community in financial awareness on Capital Market and creates opportunities to Channel Partners. Our module covers the largest and fastest growing market in the world, i.e. Capital Market.

Financial market has reach to a limit where everyone gets to share the cake. It is now exceeding USD6 Trillion a day of liquidity. NOW is the time to explore and shift to a new world of money-making, the investment world with GREAT Team.

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Adroit Community

An effort built specifically to help the Adroit's community economy in facing the economic crisis that afflicts Malaysians today. This initiative adds more value to the community and assist the family to stabilize the economic lifestyle.

Adroit Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe to anticipates responsibility for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, producing ethical and transparent behaviors that contribute to sustainable development, including the health and well -being of our community.

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Why Choose Us?

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